Currently I am teaching the following courses in ECE Department at Univerity of Alabama:

ECE 484/584 Computer Architecture

ECE 407/409 Digital Communications & Labs

ECE 493/593 Sensor Networks (I)

ECE 380 Introduction to Digital Logic (with Labs)


I have developed 3 new courses and offered them to Computer Engineering students (in my previous working school): Their development has been supported by NSF CCLI grant.

Have developed / offered 3 entirely new Graduate Courses so far:

0306 - 615 / 715 Wireless Networks (Offered in summers of 2003 & 2005, and Winter of 2006)

Significance: I created a new track in my department, called Wireless Networking. I thus developed "Wireless Networks" course in Spring quarter of 2003, and offered it to senior students / Graduate students. I have systematically explained the following important topics in class: Wireless Sensor Networks, Cellular Networks, Ad hoc Networks, Bluetooth and Wireless LAN.

0306 - 672 / 772 Radio Communication Principle (Offered in Summer 2004)

Significance: To help students understand the lower-layer principle of Radio Communications, I designed this course and offered in 2004 Summer. I covered the Radio propagation details (such as reflection, diffraction, etc.), wireless modulation, CDMA, wireless encoding/decoding, and so on.

0306 - 695 / 795 Network Security (Offered in Summer 2007)

Significance: Needlessly to say, homeland security is the top concern in the nation. To help students understand contemporary issues, I have designed /offered this course in 2007. The students learned applied cryptography, wireless security problems, corresponding countermeasures. Two security projects (TCP attack and Hash-based security design) further helped them to deeply understand the application of network security.

I have also taught other courses since 2002:

0306 - 250 Assembly Language For Computer Engineers

0306 - 351 Hardware Description Languages

0306 - 694 / 794 Computer Networks (Data Communications)